SFSO - Syndicat français des spécialistes en orthodontie

  • Contact
    Dr Yves TRIN, President
  • Address
    8 avenue Simon Bolivar
    75019 PARIS
  • Phone : 01 40 03 04 37
  • Web site : www.ssfodf.org
  • E-mail : ssfodf@wanadoo.fr

  • Présentation
    Union of French dentists who specialise in dento-facial orthopaedics – established in 1961 at the initiative of Dr. Claude Theuveny, the union currently has over one thousand members, thus representing and defending the interests of over two-thirds of the dentofacial orthopaedics specialists practising in France. It also promotes their work to public and social organisations, and informs the general public on the speciality. Last updated February 2010

  • Last update : 2015