UFSBD - Union française pour la santé bucco-dentaire

  • Contact
    President: Sophie Dartevelle
  • Address
    7, rue Mariotte
    75017 PARIS
  • Phone : 01 44 90 72 80
  • Web site : http://www.ufsbd.fr/
  • E-mail : ufsbd@ufsbd.fr

  • Présentation
    French association for oral health – 15,000 dentists put in voluntary work for this association to promote preventive measures and good habits in the field of oral health care. The actions taken include collective prevention in schools, companies, and other organisations; prevention on an individual basis, with a new approach to dentistry based on the motto “prevent, heal and maintain”; campaigns directed at the general public towards developing a positive image of dental health care and dentists; education and research in dental and oral health care.

  • Last update : 2014