AOI - Aide odontologique internationale

  • Contact
    President: Hubert Weil
  • Address
    1 rue Maurice Arnoux
    Tour A - 3ème étage
    92120 Montrouge
  • Phone : 01 57 63 99 68
  • Web site : http://www.aoi-fr.org/
  • E-mail : contact@aoi-fr.org

  • Présentation
    International oral health support and solidarity organisation – established in 1983, the organisation supports the efforts of developing countries in improving the oral and dental health of their populations. It also helps French people living in poverty gain easier access to proper oral health care.
  • Activités
    The AOI provides support and assistance in the following fields: health promotion, access to fluoride, access to oral health care, infection control, health education, technical assistance for the implementation of oral health programmes, research.
    The AOI is active in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Haiti, Madagascar, and Laos.

  • Last update : 2017