CNO - Collège national d’occlusodontologie

  • Contact
    President : Dr Nicolas Chateau
  • Address
    22 avenue de la Grande Armée
    75017 Paris
  • Phone : 03 83 90 39 77
  • Web site : http://www.occluso.com/
  • E-mail : dr.N.chateau@wanadoo.fr

  • Présentation
    French national college of occlusodontology - the association promotes research in this particular field and serves as a forum for discussion where practitioners, researchers and professors can exchange information. It organises scientific events, publishes various documents and journals, and liaises with similar associations abroad. It also promotes the specific study of dental occlusion, of the various abnormalities of the masticatory system and their related treatments, during vocational training and continuing professional education.

  • Last update : Octobre 2019