The advancement of dental training has always been one of the main concerns of the ADF. The Association plays a major part in developing both vocational training and continuing professional education, and in designing educational tools for the benefit of the profession. The ADF has always encouraged practitioners to integrate a training component into their work, and endeavours to improve the organisation and practice of continuing professional education, especially through the development of better assessment methods, either to evaluate the quality of training, or to provide practitioners with sophisticated self-assessment tools.

The ADF therefore provides a wide range of training and educational tools to help dentists keep abreast of the developments of the dental profession and to assist them in a more practical way in their working lives. These include:
-- a number of publications, ranging from a quaterly newsletter to scientific journals.
-- online training modules and videos
-- a thesaurus that provides easy access to all the abstracts of the Conference of the ADF Annual Dental Meeting since 1998