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Continuing Professional Education, a Permanent Concern

Full commitment to dental training

The advancement of dental training has always been one of the main concerns of the French Dental Association. The ADF plays a major part in developing both vocational training and continuing professional education, and in designing educational tools for the benefit of the profession. It has always encouraged practitioners to integrate a training component into their work, and endeavours to improve the organisation and practice of continuing professional education, especially through the development of better assessment methods, either to evaluate the quality of training, or to provide practitioners with sophisticated self-assessment tools.

An important breakthrough in continuing professional education

In the year 2000, the ADF, the Conseil National de l'Ordre des Chirurgiens-Dentistes (the regulatory body for dentistry in France) and the Committee of Deans of the French dental faculties achieved a major breakthrough in the advancement of continuing professional education by signing a framework convention for the provision of lifelong dental training.

The agreement, which was endorsed by all the representative organisations of the profession, states that “continuing professional education should be integrated into a global training programme for dentists. A programme of this kind requires a coherent and consistent approach to training, from the initial stage right through to the continuing education that the practitioner will undertake throughout his/her professional life. It is when these requirements are met that dentists will effectively be in a position to fulfil their obligations and their responsibilities in terms of continuing professional education”. This statement fully reflects the French Dental Association’s long-standing commitment to the advancement of continuing professional education.

The ADF Annual Dental meeting, a major contribution to the training of dentists

The ADF Annual Dental Meeting is the single most important European event in terms of continuing professional education for dentists. With numerous scientific sessions, clinical lectures and professional forums, the ADF Conference offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the dental field.