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crédit photo : Faust Favart

The ADF/COMIDENT partnership

ADF-ComidentUp until 1999, the French Dental Association and the Comident (the French dental trade and industry association) separately organised two distinct annual trade shows, one being the Exhibition of the ADF Annual Dental Meeting, the other, the trade fair known as Sitad.

However, most of the exhibitors – two-thirds of which often took part in both trade shows – had expressed the desire for one single event. The ADF and the Comident accordingly signed an agreement in 1999 to organise a joint exhibition, which has the advantage of reducing costs for exhibitors and, above all, of enabling visitors to find all the products and services, previously presented separately, at the same time in one single venue. The partnership has also widened the audience of the ADF Annual Dental Meeting to the whole dental team, so that dental assistants and dental technicians are becoming increasingly regular visitors.

Through the partnership, the Exhibition of the ADF Annual Dental Meeting has acquired an international status that has made it one of Europe’s premier European exhibitions.