Planning for the future

Helping dentists plan for the future

The ADF publishes a number of leaflets that deal with various practical matters such as health and retirement plans, estate planning, personal and professional insurance policies, and sick leave (please note these leaflets are available in French only)

Titles currently available include :

- Planning for the future, depending on your age/depending on your status (private practitioner or salaried dentist)
– Planning for the future when you’re a dental student or a locum
- Health and retirement plans for private dental practitioners
– Temporary or permanent absence from work
– How to organise your practice when you go on sick leave
– Your optional personal pension scheme
– Do you have a good life insurance policy?
– Professional civil liability
– Insurance policies for the dental surgery  
-- The rights of women dentists
 - Marriage contracts/PACS (French Civil solidarity covenant)/Common law marriage
 - Transfer of estate rules & regulations
– Retirement: at what age, at what pension rate?
 - Selling or transferring the dental surgery
– Transferring the dental surgery to an heir  
– Dependency
– Death: planning ahead
– The rights of the surviving spouse

For further details, or if you would like to order or download these leaflets in French, please go to the French version of this page