About the FDI

The FDI World Dental Federation was established on 15 August 1900 in Paris, France, hence the acronym FDI, which refers to the French name Fédération Dentaire Internationale. Today, the FDI is the professional, world-wide organisation of dentistry. The FDI is a nongovernmental organisation recognised by the United Nations and the World Health Organisation as the authoritative voice of the dental profession on matters of oral health care.


Thirty five International Dental Associations and 152 National Dental Associations representing over 700,000 individual dentists are currently members of the FDI.


The FDI World Dental Federation promotes easy access to proper health care for all peoples, with the intent to achieve optimal oral and general health world-wide..


The FDI World Dental Federation collects all available scientific information and collaborates and disseminates dental practice guidelines which have received international consensus, to inform and support dental organisations and individual dentists world-wide.The FDI works in close collaboration with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), the International Dental Manufacturers (IDM), and many other organisations.

Each year, the FDI organises a World Dental Congress. This annual event, which is held in a different country from one year to the next, offers dentists a unique opportunity to meet their counterparts from the world over.

For more information : www.fdiworlddental.org

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC)

The FDI organises an annual congress which combines business meetings, a scientific programme and a trade exhibition. Held each year in a different member State, the FDI AWDC provides the international dental community with the opportunity to discover the most recent developments in dental research, state-of-the-art scientific and clinical technologies, and the wide range of dental techniques and equipment currently available.

For more information, visit the FDI 2019 AWDC website 

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