Practice Assessment & Good Practice Guidelines

Professional Practice Assessment

The guidelines presented here are based on pre-existing recommendations or publications and were drawn up using a methodology developed by the HAS (the French national health authority) in collaboration with the French Dental Association.These guidelines cover more restricted fields of dental practice than the Recommendations [lien vers page Recommendations anglais] and can be used by dental practitioners as additional self-evaluation tools.

Guidelines currently available
- Informed consent in private dental practice of adult patients who are not under guardianship (available in French only
- Orthodontic screening of dental and occlusal disorders in primary and/or mixed dentitions (available in French only)
- Sterilisation of medical devices: monitoring the sterilisation cycles (available in French only)


Good Practice Guidelines provided by the French health authorities/French Health Directorate General (DGS)
- Good practice guidelines for the prevention of infections related to care provided outside health care establishments - 2004 – available in French only