The ADF and Sustainable Development

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The project of a corporate societal responsibility approach for the dental profession was initiated by the ADF in 2011.

Following a vast national study conducted by the French Dental Association at the beginning of 2012 among all private dentists in France, the ADF decided to define a strategy of social and environmental responsibility for the dental profession and published a Charter of Commitment (read it in French here).

A practical guide to sustainable development (available in French here) was published for the ADF 2012 Annual Dental Meeting, where a dedicated stand offering numerous activities was set up to raise awareness to environment-related issues, and where dentists were invited to sign a commitment to sustainable development. The guide lists a number of simple and easy-to-follow measures for the dental practice, including how to reduce waste and recycle more, how to make the transition to green energies, and how to be a responsible manager and disseminate good practices.

New tools are going to be developed such as online guides and checklists. A group of experts will also be set up to work on sustainable development in relation to hygiene and asepsis (namely to find ways of reducing the overconsumption of single-use products).

A second national survey was conducted in September and October 2013, which confirms the dental profession’s growing awareness of environmental issues. See the results here (in French)

page last updated on 25 March 2014